4Square Group is a community of independent professionals dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families, groups or organizations set and achieve their goals.  Through coaching, therapy, consulting or training we provide the framework in which our clients identify their needs and mobilize their strengths in pursuit of reaching their personal, academic or professional potential.

The focus of 4Square Group is to bring together like-minded professionals for the purpose of better serving our individual clients.  By developing a more closely connected professional community, we are able to collectively respond to the diverse needs of those we serve by keeping each other abreast of the most current best practices, delivering timely professional development activities based on our needs and areas of expertise, consulting on complex issues that arise from our work, and by referring clients to each other based on each practitioners’ area of specialty.

Like the clients we serve, 4Square Group believes that each practitioner has unique strengths. Together we work to each practitioner’s strengths in order to build a community of professionals committed to providing their clients with the best services available.

The name itself was borrowed from a simple children’s game in which participants move through a series of four squares, until they reach the reach the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ square.  New participants enter or re-enter the game as others are eliminated. The game continues as long as each square is occupied by a player. Likewise, as committed professionals we work together to ensure that we are collectively offering our clients a full range of the best services available, leaving none of the ‘squares’ open in an effort to move our clients into their own ‘king’ or ‘queen’ spaces.

As Director of 4Square Group, Scott McGrath, works to bring all the pieces together in offering clients and professionals the best services available. He relies heavily on 4Square Group Affiliates  – respected professionals in various complimentary fields with whom he has worked, or followed their work for years. Affiliates are dedicated to the common mission, help to shape the future of 4Square Group and are committed to mentoring less experienced members.

Members are those who share 4Square’s mission to helping clients set and achieve their goals and have also shown a commitment to practice independently within the supportive structure offered by the larger 4Square Group community.

Affiliates and members benefit from mentoring, professional development, case consultation, referrals, networking and marketing opportunities. For more information on becoming a Member please contact Scott McGrath at 416.275.8105 or by email.

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