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Scott McGrath

Scott McGrath is a Coach, Therapist, Consultant and Trainer working with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations. Scott has extensive experience with children, adolescents, young adults (thirteen to twenty-five years old) and adults facing challenges in all life stages. Scott … Continue reading

Audrey Huberman Ed.D.

Audrey Huberman is the founder of Skills for Living (SFL) – a counseling approach that teaches social, emotional and behavioural skills to individuals, parents and families. Audrey is also a professor at Ryerson University in the School of Early Childhood Education, a … Continue reading

Behaviour Matters

Behaviour Matters uses a skills-based training approach to help your child develop and increase positive social skills, develop strategies to deal with anger and conflict management and increase their feelings of self-worth. Cheri Boros and Karen Connort are the Program … Continue reading

Ben Harris

Ben Harris is a learning and development consultant with 20+ years working with individuals and organizations.  He designs customized integrated learning experiences to meet the needs of his clients.  Since everyone has their preferred learning style, Ben assesses the needs … Continue reading

Jerome Shore

Jerome Shore owns and operates The Coaching Clinic with his partner Marjorie Shore. As a corporate trainer Jerome has developed and delivered a number of coaching programs with the context of ‘working intelligence’. These include Marketing Your Professional Service, Leadership … Continue reading

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